Life Style Sticker Shock Post Divorce

There is nothing like doing your taxes to get a reality check on how expensive life is.  It seems we bring the money in and it has a tendency to fly out faster than we can make it.  When we divorce and now have to take financial responsibility for ourselves it can be challenging.  I wanted to share a few ways you can save money to help make your new monthly budget and maybe still have some left over for investing and some TLC for yourself:

Can you do without cable TV?  If you don’t watch the premium movie channels or use DSL, cancel them or shop for a cheaper service.

There are creative ways you can save on electricity.  Call your local power company for different options and suggestions.

Shop around for phone carriers that offer the best deal.  If you have two or more phone lines, try to get by on just one.

Take advantage of grocery coupons in the paper  but also on the internet.  Watch for fee product samples.

Shop around for the best rates on insurance.  You can also lower your premiums by raising your deductibles.

By clothing and linens only when they on are sale.  You can save up to 75 percent ton clothing when you buy as stores are clearing out merchandise for the next season.

Bring your lunch to work rather than going out.

Carpool to save on fuel, mileage, and wear and tear of your vehicle.

Do you have a cleaning service?  Start cleaning the house yourself or space the cleaning service out an extra week.  Remember, cleaning can be great exercise.

Consider getting a roommate.

*Remember, little things add p.  Starbucks coffee at four bucks a shot is really not a daily necessity in life.  You could easily save $120 a month.  Get your caffeine fix at home.*

By Amy Botwinick:

Excerpt from Congratulations on Your Divorce-The Road to Finding Your Happily Ever After