1. YOU CAN BE SELFISH! It’s all about you: you are free to do the things you love to do with the people you want to be with. Time for self absorption to reflect on who you want to be in the next chapter of your life and what you learned from your divorce experience.
  2. COMPLETE CLICKER CONTROL FOR EVERY TV IN THE HOUSE: No more Sports Center or ESPN. Watch Twilight and Lifetime tv as much as you want without anyone rolling their eyes.
  3. HAVING THE WHOLE BED TO YOURSELF: No more snoring and you can sleep diagonally, very therapeutic to purchase a new mattress when you can.
  4. MORE ROOM TO SPREAD OUT AND TAKE OVER EVERY CLOSET: At first walking by those empty closets can be a bit of a shock, you will get over it quickly. An excuse to get more organized with more space and an excuse to go out shopping.
  5. BEING ABLE TO DECORATE THE WAY YOU WANT: No more worrying about the new bed comforter being too frilly or feminine. You can enjoy pink again and display as many pillows and decorative chatchkes as you want!
  6. NO MORE TOILETTE SEAT ISSUES: Do we have to say anymore…
  7. THE FIRST KISS POST DIVORCE: After kissing the same person for all these years, the first new kiss can be electric and make you feel reborn. CHOOSE THE GUY WISELY, YOU ONLY GET ONE FIRST ON THIS ONE-MAKE IT COUNT
  8. GUILT FREE COUCH POTATO TIME: Wear the most comfortable sweats and don’t worry about making dinner as you enjoy a bowl of cereal while watching America’s Next Top Model with zero guilt!
  9. MORE TIME WITH YOUR OWN FAMILY AND FRIENDS: No more snarky remarks when you are on the phone or visiting. The best thing for many….No more kissing up to your in-laws who drove you crazy!
  10. THE ABILITY TO START OVER AGAIN AND FIND YOUR HAPPINESS Regardless of who dumped who, the reality is you get to start over again. It’s can be a great journey with a positive attitude. Life is short, you have the ability to make your new life amazing!