5 Divorce Blessings: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

5 Divorce Blessings
Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Believe me… I get it; divorce is hard. Getting stuck in some of your “drama trauma” is normal and part of the process that includes hosting your own pity party, which is ok as long as you don’t stay long enough to get swallowed up by your comfy couch. Moving on requires action! Reframe your story and your “stuff” for a fresh start by turning your lemons into lemonade. Consider this, the challenges you’re struggling with right now and how you can transform them into blessings. Here’s a quick jumpstart to help sweeten and lighten up the voice inside your head.

1. Lemon: Your loneliness
Lemonade: Your lonely will make you stronger so embrace it. The time you spend reflecting on what you can learn about yourself and your divorce experience will create a solid foundation for you on your own, in the future better company for a potential partner.
2. Lemon: Your Crappy Friends
Lemonade: Your true blue friends worthy of your time and energy will be by your side. Your riff raff friends will: annoy you, surprise you by choosing sides or slowly fade away. Farewell to all of the life sucking vampires and hello to more space in life for positive happy energy true blue peeps!
3. Lemon: Single Parenting Blues
Lemonade: Once you establish your new normal to create a different family structure filled with love, structure and security the bond between you and your kids will become stronger. You will relate to them in ways you never could when you were married because when you are together it’s just you and them.
4. Lemon: Your Finances
Lemonade: Your financial security and health will likely be one of your biggest challenges and biggest accomplishments once you settle into a new way of life. Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “People are like tea bags, you never no how strong they are until you put them in hot water.” Divorce offers people an opportunity to be the best they can be in every part of life. Learning how to be financially independent and in control is one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself in life.
5. Lemon: Dating
Lemonade: Treating it like an adventure and social experiment will transform this experience. Consider all the possibilities: love match, better match for a good friend, maybe just a new friend, good contact for work, a really good story to tell a friend as you laugh over a glass of wine. The key…Lighten up and have fun!