Dr. Ronnie Mantin GalisonWeight Loss Specialist

Dr. Ronnie Mantin Galison combines cutting-edge nutritional science with supportive, individualized coaching to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. Quickly, painlessly and permanently. Dr. Mantin brings the benefit of her decades of helping clients understand the mind-body connection. “What the mind conceives, the mind achieves,” is a favorite mantra. You will learn how to visualize and enjoy life at a healthy weight and with a positive, confident mindset.  Dr. Ronnie helps clients achieve weight-loss goals, she focuses on helping you make lifestyle changes to maintain your results permanently. With her help, you will: · Eat a balanced diet with the right foods for you · Supplement with the right supplements for you · Exercise according to your age and fitness level · Manage rest, and learn how to sleep better · Master your thoughts, moderation, balance and emotional wellness.

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“Thoughts become things…

  Choose the good ones”