Nikki OdenWildtree Team Leader/Home Based Business Owner

Take the stress out of what’s for dinner!

simple. healthy. natural. 

Nikki Oden runs a thriving home-based business with Wildtree, an organic food company that provides meal-planning solutions for families and individuals with busy lifestyles.  After ending a marriage that wasn’t working and leaving a career in law that she found unfulfilling, Nikki is now authoring her own destiny by creating a lifestyle she had only dreamed of before.   Through her work with Wildtree, Nikki empowers and enriches the lives of other women and is able to make a positive impact on their daily routines.  Nikki is a graduate of Florida State University and Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law.  She currently resides in Boynton Beach with her second husband and their two young children.