Orshi AmstelInterior Design Specialist

Life Goes On…

A new beginning with new surroundings. 

Moving on is a journey; let go of the past, renew and rejuvenate not only yourself but your way of living and your home.

There is a silver lining; divorce offers a rare opportunity for personal reinvention. However, it is very difficult to let go and move on when you are surrounded by your past.

Embrace the change and let me help you create a home that is about balance, order and harmony exemplified in a great look that reflects you, as an individual. 

For many of our clients, remodeling or taking on a new design project is an empowering step toward reclaiming one’s true identity.  Life is always full of changes…  Whether you seek to make a bold move and completely redesign your surroundings or just wish to reclaim your individuality through small touches: we are here to help.  Call us for a free, in-home, consultation.