• You will not find a more resourceful advocate than Amy. She is extremely thorough and helpful.  What a find for anyone in a state of confusion that needs direction and guidance

    Carolyn Tolep LCSW, CAP Coral Springs, Florida
  • I respect the work that Amy does and refer clients who need someone who has been there and can inspire, support and guide them through this life passage.

    Linda Miles Ph.D. Tallahassee Florida
  • I couldn't think straight, my emotions felt like a 5000 piece puzzle totally broken up and in disarray.  Amy helped me focus on a few very important details to jump start this new chapter in my life.  Once I had a few "tasks"  to focus on and take care of, I began to feel more empowered and in control of my life again.

    Karen Palm Beach Florida
  • At what I considered to be the lowest point in my adult life, I was introduced to Amy. From the very first phone call I could tell she would help facilitate making what felt like a daunting, uphill battle a bit easier. I was right! Amy has guided me through every step of the divorce process with equal parts professionalism and compassion. She has provided a sense of strength and support all the while educating me on issues I would have otherwise known nothing about. Through Amy's expertise, I have learned to turn my fears into opportunities and am now empowered to take the road which is sometimes seemingly less traveled. Though my journey is just beginning and while I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone, I can't imagine having gotten this far without her. Thank you Amy for your candor, compassion and commitment to helping myself and others make it through to the other side successfully. I will always be grateful.   

  • "Amy is a real person who tells you like it is, the good and the bad, from her own experiences and life lessons. I was really stuck in my anger and she helped me get my head in a much better place."

  • Amy gave me a reality check I needed.  She prepared me to consult with attorneys and accountants to understand my realities if I moved toward divorce.  I am currently in a holding pattern and taking more time to consider my situation.  I am more prepared to make choices going forward.